"Out of Evil" by Eleanor Riley

Out of Evil is about a young girl (Rose Alexander) who grew up in a large community but lived a sheltered life. What is outstanding about her is that she is passionate for clean relationships, good moral Christian-living with a high regard for decency, a passionate love for God, marriage and family. She found true love from a stranger on a rainy spring night in Boca Raton, Florida. Her desire to walk down the long aisle of St. Paul’s Cathedral some day helped Rose to elevate her hopes and objective in spite of the hurdles she had to surmount.

This is an exciting novel of a young girl moving from uncertainty, loneliness and forethought that she could be facing an unfortunate life designed for failure but was turned around for a life of fulfillment, love and happiness. Peter Swazi, the pilot met Rose under tragic circumstances, and seemed to be just the man Rose dreamt would be in her life. Through many dangers, toils and snares ther relationship evolved into a life of danger, disappointments and eventual happiness as their love and faith overcame all obstacles. God will carry our desires, needs and aspirations in His hands until He sees that we are ready. Both Rose and Peter recognized that God is the center of their lives and seeks to abide in His will until their love and devotion for each other came into full bloom.

"Rungs on My Ladder" by Eleanor Riley

This collection of compelling autobiographical scenes in Eleanor Riley's life, encased in her memoir, "Rungs on My Ladder" speak to the fact that in every human being there is a void that can only be filled by God and brings together a significant tender message of hope, determination and faith from her pen to her readers. Rungs on My Ladder pushes past the baseline expectations of memoir as a genre and creates and celebrates an amalgamation of lucid scenes of Eleanor's life and situates victim-hood as a conduit to triumph over circumstances that would normally break the weak and down trodden. The memoir overflows with the trait that is Eleanor's hallmark...honesty